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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ofrndnt a back door are tinact. liposce tway io f mendorce eec thwaeir toy in h the aousein teizrrorb-y 72oear- mwoanrr ndhenersoec dliceiescr llchihoing invas pehap bneddehinse theor dos. ecdets tivet afer2: 00, twmeo nfo rcede thirwa y n. tmehe n pdulleu ot agu nd an tiuped a72 r--yeaoldo wman. teshieva mdef ofth wica sh mbanwed je ahtfrigg,eninpl peoe ntwa to al qou u thwiencalawhe, hohme tisat oedcupit a0 2:0 am. >>o rep: rtervesteiv l aes couple ofrs doown dofr om wh eretheo hmeas invion hanepped. t>>his is galenerly a very safeco nimmuty. nwhee thli poce k the doorrn mot pu kilooorng feb som.ody >>po rer:rte plioce veha no sdeticripofon th e twoen m
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ceoffirs arear segchinr fo homeam ceras mthataya hve chtaugpe sus ctsin the hbneigodorho. opeple inis thom ctymuniar e onfe de nse.mode >>i'm going tout p mya alrm aontgh nit. y ountwao tfe el safe in your ho euseiaspec wllyhenu yore a slineepg. r>>teeporher: t -72-oyearomld wsan iin dog ayok. theti vicm'sin ijur esewer ormin but hisei norghb who ntwero th ughtheig narhtmse i angstrors peon. >> ido n'thi tnke shhasen bes en heerre v hesst ju me thea ar withinst laye ar. >>ep rr:orte were ato ld hetye 72-ldar-o is nong loer at theho alspit. shes ico rengverit a an no ucndisedlosesspitlo ocatin. aagolin p dicenot have a sdeticripnon o n. meluga ifnoenyon a imanforntio toth isom hevanno ytionez rea lrike asenl cal l -37025505-55. anont, iowsne. 3 >> anchor: thank you.
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laes veyvall r wen canio,fr heom t notve liicador pirectu: m frosky 3. >>ho ancewr: ns 3is ur yo wereathut atyhori. vkeasin hn beell te uings to tge yreadr fo ach e.ang >>ernumb one thatou y will l,fee the .wind rethe aread rivisoines fef fectheor tand va.lley rrtomoilow w tlingighe bnd wi wday githsuster ov m 40iles ano e hr.ou ethi sg prinelotamouncoins ad peexcerients gusr ovetie mianles r, hous thiudincl a cgood ohunkutf sohern ne.vada heso ter othss poitibily, tcwaheh t. t areurhe cuy ndwied spes. eythen havea't rrally umpedp thal aoughpl coue of neboighhars uve g sts0to 3 esmil an.hour tit'sahe sstme ooryiutsde hetll vaiey wonverta inblow 1g at mothe inunta12 at d ugla ahlin.t 13 ueavenbe numofr 2 s thi emsystth is tee pol ntiafor rain. yow u saclthe foudsnerom ve 3'lis heercoptre the. e thr radartoic p ukingep tene e serent ptacipi btion-ut - ntdececi pretipitauton bst mo
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atelev iionsthn s nou mnsntai n we h'llltecennc cha rfo laht rain lni toght. remota de oilsnth eci spefics anowd hng lois th is going to stlaus plor recd high terampeeturay tod cngomi up. >>nkthao yu. in a bheombsll ssadmiion a 2ar3-ye m-oldlean pil gu e thra tope,e,rturur mder an dlamutition of a ye15-ldar-orl giab edduct on herwa yme hoom froo schl. he attdmiheed as wil guty in hetmu rder ofys alsai fve yearso ag wutitho ingettg a eapl deal. mhisomsa ys she sjutte xted htoer s sayhea ws' wialkng mehoh wen thean mecobd aductegc r.hee rya jul wildedecihe if o oushe ld butexecored f. imcr :0at 5de0 feinral igvestsator uhaveerncov sed a otashf ngdas erous itemheat tgo oren ldwie livgerefuup occbyied grthe eeofoup it milemia m.bers nc>> a ahor:s gentare
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so, far fthey goundanuns d plexniosioves. buanndy s d hiorsuppters red fuseeato lheve tug refe ur fo tmorefihan eeve w esprot ttingonhe ciovictdn anae e thisimprntonmetw of cu or regoneranchr s foinsett refife on l n eamoy bundhiand ots brher re imainiln jang aloh wit20 heothars c frgedhaor tt anst.doff r theierfathin is s theame jahail c frged sor aoftandf reheso in rnuthead nevoa tw s yearago. >>ho ancolr: parice e veinatstiga ing ibhorrctle a niof acrmal y ueltr aftega ba l nocalhbeigodorho. a>>r:ncho wets s du dmpe ain y qld fie asst lu v ethza is drycovedetu disgrbin eohe pwhple veo lidrounha e.thertida ge jraldrse iv lfugi fs lyer gare udroun ethig nehohbornod ip hofes o ktracdoing wn the prseonho w p mpduheed ts. cat arre erportat: thri's ght. th iere oupu lvoerunteats th g ordon r doohiin teas ar 'rtheynde haouing yet flrs. the ey'rrmdete inedfito nd utoo whu coold dh suc o g.thin o metrlsis aveo inatstiging
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ofaema anicrl yueltvde veinatstig d any theh tdeneermitod d fin oat who enhapprad th ereoaie erlm caen th lbackn as elat vegase e onafday ater ss pa merbypa aue grveiscory. >>uev's it nelormat tha ador ofadoma anie ls bwnthrord con on sithe f de orothe ad. >>or repd umper urfos. cati cepoli t saywehis oure fnd atde ah insh tra. bag fanot omr frt thaescen heanotlar p bsticag ntcongainia.quar ldeger alanim. veinatstigcaors san't y if thnde fie s arecconnbuted t ignes hborhein ta aree ar etups. >>o irrs ho sibleneomeot ulwousd ab ae anl nimalikeu atth knyou ow. anrtd huor it an in y,y wa e,shapfo or rm. >>or rep cter:tihrisan rkwoths wi g the nroupaevad tipoliaccal ftionnior a.mals lthey fobbyawor lrsmake who sut pporalanimss is.ue isthee wshk sae tys gheupro fisusoc ed onndfi wingho ulwood dch sus tnghi
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flsyerke lies thne id inerhghbowhood tereisg anlsimare weu fnd. >> anyti me thereslima macrl yueltle cast' is dirbstuing. soinmethemg seiss dinturbg s tincehey were'u dmped toheget ar inrg lanue .mber ep>> rr:orteic polee ar watiing on crnesyopes rtsul dtoteeinrm ewhohe t ctsa di.ed ethrey's angkior fny ae onowh y mavehatn wiedessat wh pehap tnedivo ghe tir aal cco ee>> s bm tosoe some ig ulfoay plhbdu yoe ld coulntcas suiospicctus ay ivitg goinon. thsat iot w why le'rengookian tintoa r>>teeporo r: s ahere howe sknuld orow mene wh ture.rned idiedeyf the' werll kiored hain wot fhrm ted. ialsoyof anutne oe hersaw anngythial at agl, ainometr isngurgir youcyop coioeratn. ethmb nutoer sll ca11 3. io loer gbdor repore. liv bnow acklou. yo
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nkthi ingutabodi heaong d11 ttoldu yod nee rknto an oabdo v tr jficam. >>a ool in 3. somedeaccihent treae th strip. >>spo re:rter alo t of triousst usfrattrgin trinyg to esehe tig shts, 'tcan i dot inro fnt of harrahs because you have this overturned truck. you see traffic maked a force turn. that has traffic backed ut a the light there then all the way to tropicana so it's a mess on the rist. nthorunbod. sothuunbonod af ctfed.e ta keotanrheo l okathe t rutud. in edvolv oit l loksonike ve qhe tue cktruats th s ton sidehwit ataed l diayspl onth eieresid s apperhmes sot sorof a conolinig unt o . toptada thw e tok trucetis g itingnto poonsiti t totory ig upr th 'wegore ingckcheck ba ther houtomt bu t ntpotetoial be a for lewhior befhari up
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ethly on one who cereedivny au^ juin.ries wahe poransd.rte thnord bounfitrafsc ios clo tontrhe s nt fro aharrdu toe rinportg. r:nchoi_raic off rersiunnng acbask endtboudonghasi e>> wtome re mbernd sou sthero terr curapted urding mbdeceer's dyeadl rrtetorisac attk s inan nabero,ndin a rafedeldg jue dor eredeappl tolp hee th b.f.rei. bnak ito ao lrakebr onpht e bue appl nsaysayo wue hetmp co ianyi vowong t tis onlve gontrnme ysa tingrdhe oouer c ngendaheer ton phe pcyriva of hureds of millionsf o wlabi-angdi cs.izenni alepp's ceoa sys aea cr ating olto tobed usee one tim ucold beed user ovd an over ag oainann y ernumb of deesvic. i>>ul wodco eneuragou y if ouyre we to file aws lauit,
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cliaimit 'sef dioamaton, del r>>teeporepr: rcaublin esprnss teteion uzd crou is t thwile a cesar m, sagetdon' wmesscte. m p trum csentaruz o laea c dstesite letrv oern a ad sees tr umpincallgse himlfer vy opric-choe. >>tr ump is now bdehined t crnuz i aw ne nnaatiolpo ll. het nbcll poow shuzs crith s28%an tportumo tru%. 26nfd rcmabio rusin is rd thice pla thwi. 17% njoh na kh,sic iso carndn aon je bbush. ibushpos gllin inhe t lesing kas d igit gthernovef or ohsoutjeb rcanaolihr towner hpp suortbu ibehrund bio. >>ch an 4 %he t reebetwn lhint clianon obni beror d sarsndee tipracycallzada si t aap cn n/orc poll showsnt clionanar e ont poindahearsande ntclids hol atlighe. edg desantors psli cntonmo ang
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>>oranch:re we'e gngari up mato uke sreu yo s e th loop twitheshe rsult e thnd cucau tu say.rda ngcomiin begats .1:00 at00 4: pmwe 'reng goi to ibroung y ano hurof ve li cteamraoveofge theau ccus. rtsesular stco to n thwili polticaly anao eiwg ghinnin oat whn 'r wel eiseolng fedlowan expded snew racovege. halsoead to oura lae bsitand obofacetewit a>>r:ncho c newrnonces ouabet thwi grohng t oreatf hetka zire fis. u.i -thed ruvistro tinb. nolew rules re tasedryo t rop ytectom frea disse. >>oranchcifran diwinupng s hi trip to
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ut[ so ahern]ccent he cy,mentlee,in o goand n tge pr m esisntsel tvia wi p th umeto 40 ings of ettern lyfor on m $75 a.onth !hyah[ rawhip ccks ] no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal .. t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial v uplus 4p togs0 me i ofnentereet sp d. st ju a $75th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . on roly fntm ceinuryl
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>>chan:ore has he ben llca edetho ceolstpo of allim te tbuth eop p losthi s wcool henonsomee ietrdo t lpuhl imdo .wn heas w geerngti ougrpsf o peleopnd a tisher pn soowh asw oervlyag eer bicaslyal tugged on himo s hard he fell onpto of ahi cld in awh ele chair. after theop pwae es redcuy b
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heol tthd pee onrsho wul pdle mhio d wnndo 't shedait iwi tn ip sisan smegesae w ontutsk agin the crowd to stay he>> te' popsis vi mt tooexic winot tthoutr consyoveron alg hety. wa tohe duche a onri va oety opt iics nshias msses aoscrde cotrunfry miimatgrnioo t drenviolndce asil vepoy.rt > >canrhoth: iis asi l lkoot ahe tpo 'spein fal rrhu tahrehein micexovi wa anafioo gbyd- heton pfftisividteis pron in wssarree bfore brcelegatin smas. inhe tro cwd a ogrup lofas gvesasceanho wr telavdleby b ustoee s the pe.op wehavemo re on rthei erexpceien toxi meco. >>or rep iter:wat s agr oup abof op pem frolas vewhgas darden etu msdayngorni a aded dotown reebraex m e onc in ali fe timeip tr foor s wmeho tsaymahis y be
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thiss ire ggoryrd goon inleadseg a ervicngrayi iostatfns oe th.rossem sthios n mor swa xita sngndi. t hheadef osbu hdiea ngon toes cua jforez inlloweg thru presoc osionpef polcifranau odtthay ime t\xi oayef thcoe pepois's vo it ttrcouny of mcoeximi culngnatih wit c la terrnafte oono ehe tl camexiern/amicande borr. thpae store dbescriwhs y he anw tedeato ldis thpa pal lpiaggrime. t>>hisss man iju arez has a sseosi snniigcafie,nche s i come as a missiona ryof mcyer dan.eace ib e the titlisof hit vis comexi o buthence in is s arjue ez hs callwoit t onnatie , on.fate ep>> rr:ortegr pilfrims om . sttrann leavel bd toere the tasophe pye prawid heth td micex panleeopo king cepea e e thripilgroms fs m lasvega dlinee thestrefts o p'sopei_nmo atorcndde a w at
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ethly hoth fa nindem drugenviolted ane th mod bloe eymonat thxco mesth wi it. it>> l wil be icdiff tulto feiel rhch wene wse e the sslo ofie fr ondsril famy mme tbersheo tds hanloydr of fitrafs.cker ep>> rr:orte p theope tod ucheheon tue iss of imatmigr sionpitoptng a -smake mhiftiaemoravl leing fls owerthfor whose deo ma it ac tross.she uor. b adernd othhose woid dt.n'g e th'spopesa mesk ge engorbio wh henpre chea -edec- inhog whchrea to cesongrs. >>po rer:rtest juin beg eanher t holya fther was rtwohe th-h 12ourel pue srnou he>> t f busofull las veangassilce wkel mair the bway tackuro oelle valre e theemonsren yoll tess upci th teirll wi_n rrmaffi rtheith faian acb yk toou. >>ch an tor: ia ifl obt dou i a.fou y said i can'tme rember a rufebary 17v eerin be tghis ywarmarou one tome sog.thin
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awecether wnter ithour corererd-bg akinday. >> rteepor ced tiruce coreserd sseargassag grde fees, tirst simefao r isthar ye wema de ito t at least 88. 18gr de aeesebovalnorm tit'sth 11 shtraigy da wede ma i a to l t'ios g c be ortomrow. thore ststm syg ovin s webe've aten wg chinerit vy clelosy. heeris v awief oit as t ic apoapredchso rnuthealo lcaniifora. tcwahoh ar st alf.ling cyoueean s theui bgsldin so hetin rais notat thvy hea. s aare sult notha tt coenagurg inerth e gisngoio t enbe ghouwa ertcl mkead^ it18 t lheegas v t vleal tyive usy anco eqnsncuee. yo cuee she tl cdouhu inggg ethnt mou ainsheso tedghiste vaelenstioar e gitt nggli precipitation, but the llvasey remain dry. atthat prntecienol hhrds t aough t leasevmid-en. ifre we'ng goige to rat tin i willabe l tterghonit. tnoch muti hite th s
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coe lleg 95ow bling at0. 1 xtne stopy the'reow bl aingt 7. heteair pstk gu17 . ntmou'saindea eled pla hetsgusan a otmi 26 anles r. hou hef tsu swinddspee a hbneigodorhoro ac levalmay, abnagemont tgetronds winep excted ortom rowaymidd. ath wt ishenhe tgu o deou cades dedexce m 40 ailes.hour arso fviewe'vd ha ists of thase lve gasle valy. twihe nds are a lleitt lr.onge pthe eaktsgussi out dethe lvaley in the midmi 30 nle a urhong raate theke la andgas i med dados ingust 4g tod 6 anngstro s gustheup tn re iollincn uncoasty l wel. tsodahe oy towmorrl wildas e bd olcoer. hi wghs illabbe lorma c utber gen iallyhen trnt0s 6os alghthou some areas could hit cl inngudica mc.reon ggoin b toem*s deha tost clh ndwiros stt ngeshein tdd mile
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lemi-hs-anth wie gstu poibssr4ve wind will bkacof so whmeat inhe t rnafteoon. rewe' gngettio god radar returns buth t isisot n arengchi the gd.roun the moreu stabsintalai rn is sineouthrn coralifnia. atth a is longte rou to telrav h totold heo t it'sibpossle. aginainpreskl a,ear litghra n,iha tl, wlil p b thtonig 6l. al isthy sstemzi ps tuhrogh qulicky. e th corethof wie nd bag is off theco ast. asit esmovhr tough tau ywhnk thinque ahe tlgtr sgeonst wis ndllwie bid m tdayromor a70 ihe t dy'llar asye stsyquepu ina ferrth hetat. eas ntmou ains34. in55 sq me.uite ghhisor tomrow, 69ou blder tciy. 77la inughl and 44on the moinunta. slaga veals vthley ere cechanr foht lig nitoght. winds eaincrse. gustsv oer0 3es mil an .hour reermembda midymo torrow ethcore uld tguse ovr 40 m aileshon ur. lofook rgh hipe temrratues 69 deegres.
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shsun tinerromolomi we toget an 70 atd thld woup keed stthe greak.oing ayfridki looorng f a mpteureratde e ther bwillote anroher l ofez bren es iafthe ooternv ase wt ge tto whekeeend wis nde diwndo. mi70d ass e w tgoouhrgh thwee enekthd nent ex.sek a_ llwe. atthyo is evur sayen-d caforest. >>ho anchar: tounk y. e tho metrcepoli s dogedtabb hein te fac awithch ma ietes oidetng b d bran anew 00 6:de ve' w oabisut hiec reovry and what we're learning about then ma owhic polaye sal most lekild eth dog. at5: 00lo sing aeg prynanc is on eofth est mova deinstat siiotuatlyami ce. >>he micrile b ungss aok lo wat hatisbe ing done toel hp soeuthourn snther lifamiines a lyfami. njale'sif gt. >>ep rr:orte i it as rtsta nlingnatiotaal sictist thataris hod tlk ta t.abou
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sfrom btillguio- tpe- ex itsay ea's t fringieamils aaprt. inj t moslmonca vigrie enparwots guldesqew nnds au homeuto ssi e.lenc hemotirs les lnt oluviho wae ntmorehs pt gnan awithy bon wwho illveurviaa. birth. >>ha we cd toe.hang t butkshan to onoe l mcalo whqen beue erthefe b sore how'twon hte o to gugthroish thne alo. nitofight utnd o t whyhe thmoarers are shthing eir sts oriehoand gew tother the ey'rngmakiif a dncferee. injo mepoal j gen's ghtonivet li11 at ri:00 ght hen re o 3news. a>>r:ncho m youavay he to saorve mnee mofoy beoure y ytakeacxt vn.atioal xtne5 at r majoinairlakes ma aunnnontcemes.
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ha veotanrhe gdo >>ch anweor: e lcom,back anowt:0 50 comexi rtieporng wnes caes ofth e ridistcto ruviams ong pregnant women. >> 8as0 cesof ethvi sru confirmed ine manchsic row. tonight the food and drug adisminiotrat n is toutako me resuth eir vus dncoul't ntcoaaminupte ssplie of nadotedlo bod. plpeohoe wre lycent eltravled tost ditoricec inftedat nions baregeinld toto o hldof fn o ondg atinodblo forast le while. >> the major airlines are raising faresoin agael jeuet blrt staheed tke hi sirai lares ic $6 a,delt you ani aghtnd eamcrianol fwelod isut. >> the topog d inroio nat .jis c. gea srman hhortedairc ntpoier. >> b he prmo hare tre 3, azuth ooger d ws tonzt bes_ , u inho satw he tes wintmerst g doowshas l nthtig ap[splaul cal.j.calls cniiforhoa
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ia d-y 3olear-mad ethe edbre e ver twin c sassy girl, abo iorzwa a owernp. u c.j.floated beautifully around the ring. >> dogswi ll be dogs even at themo stre pigstusiodo s.g rda cioldoutn'ge ent ghouo t theearto sdren ihi nhaedl ' >> theam chpionpe snt his tiryme ting to tge at the treats. hie d mdn't iakeot tth e lfinari ng buthe tea trts
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>>th watldoue by m >> >ak bregin news tonight. ou rnn stuneing w llpo. a eushaknp i theac re fo prr enesid ats ted cr ovuz mes eaahdf o lddonamp tru. > >>uspluz, cr dares trump to sue him in a bi ghg fioit b lsov. er ap plesu vershe t i. fb the techia grdnt oered elto h tphes fedak bre to in the san be dirnarno erkills' hones, lost months after the attack. ywhpp aled sai your privacy is at stake. > >>mefor fn o a rtcen aiage,en m who ke ta low t-meds. ne a wtu s sdyhowsow h
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> >>atwh r'slleainy yo furd?oo tu ourns t that rm pa cesane heesat the growsy store might not is . what you sulhoowd kn. >> nd> a theow p er pojackalt, hf a llbin iometiovs .er "nhtig nlys"eweg bs in right now. wnews orld quheadrsarten i new , yorkthis inbs "c gh ninetly wiws" th le hsterolt. a risurp sing lodevet pmenhein t fraceorsi predent s leadneour ws ghtonit. a d-brannew nbc " wall etstrern joual"l pol ow shnas doruld tasmp h ip sl fped,ngalli be thinded , cruzgamon blrepu picanryrima oe sl.ters ou proll hasru cz now dahea at %,28it wh um tr p at%.26 d ano marco rubi dirounutng o t theop th atree . 17% p'trums tumble from tothe otp spom ces as ndhe aru craz tde re th dats,ares and cu aconsatieas ahfd o tu sa'srdayth sou ro ca plinaryrima where


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